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Local Law 84 Violations

If you got a violation letter from the Department of Buildings, call us or email us.  We can help. The good news:  If you missed the August 1 deadline and have not yet complied with the Local Law 84 benchmarking … Continued

Do You Know Local Law 84?

The city has come up with a new way of upsetting landlords.  It’s called Local Law 84.  For those not familiar with the law, if you own or manage a property over 50,000 SF, you are now responsible for reporting … Continued

The Deadline Has Passed For Local Law 84

But you can Still Comply. Local Law 84 requires that owners and managers of NYC buildings over 50,000 report their 2010 energy usage to the city.  Fines for non compliance can be up to $500/quarter. The deadline for filing these … Continued

Local Law 84 Benchmarking Deadline

Con Edison announces benchmarking deadline. What You Need To Know About Local Law 84 1.  The deadline for Local Law 84 benchmarking compliance is August 1, 2011.  Failure to comply may result in penalties of up to $500 per quarter. … Continued

Local Law 84 Energy Benchmarking

Unfortunately, the City of New York is once again making the lives of landlords more difficult. They have passed Local Law 84 which requires that owners and managers of property over 50,000 square feet now benchmark their energy usage. The … Continued