Local Law 84 Benchmarking Errors

City finds errors in many Local Law 84 benchmarking submissions.  They are adding requirements and getting tougher on NYC Landlords about accuracy in 2012.

Last week Redocs attended a conference with the Mayor’s Office of Long Term Planning and Sustainability.  The following are some insider notes from that meeting:

  • They have added new requirements for 2012(See Below)
  • They ARE looking at the benchmarking report submissions
  • They ARE concerned with bad data being submitted across the City
  • They DO have an electronic method for flagging errors
  • They WILL begin giving fines for inaccurate reports this year and in future years
  • They WILL be issuing fines for last year’s non-compliance in about a month.

If you did the benchmarking in house last year, and intend to continue doing so, please read the following six pieces of important information for how to comply in 2012.  If you wish to outsource this headache this year please call us at 212-650-1591 x 112 or email us at Info@Redocs.com

  1. NEW: Enter your Dept of Buildings BIN number in the UBI Section in addition to entering your ten digit BBL in the notes section.(Note:  Some buildings have multiple BINs)
  2. Make sure that your EUI(Energy Use Index) falls between 30 and 500.  The City will flag anything outside of that range as it indicates an error in you data.
  3. Do NOT use the Dept of Finance’s square footage.  This is not the correct square footage and the City will flag any square footage entry that matches that of the DOF
  4. NEW:  You have to enter your water usage this year.  The DEP was supposed to automatically upload this data but as usual, they have fallen behind in setting this up.
  5. Fines for last years non compliance will go out in one month or less.
  6. 2011 fines will be based simply on who complied and who did not.  Fines for 2012 and future years will be based upon the accuracy and quality of the data entered(See Above).

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