Local Law 84 Energy Benchmarking

Redocs currently handles the Local Law 84 benchmarking process for nearly 1000 buildings.  We take care of the entire compliance process from start to finish.  Our clients enjoy the added benefit of having their energy usage continuously analyzed and monitored by a full service energy manager.

Local Law 84 was signed into law in 2009 as part of a larger package of energy laws known as the Greener, Greater Buildings Plan. The law applies to New York City buildings larger than 50,000 square The law requires owners and managers to report their building’s energy usage to the City of New York on a yearly basis. This process is known as energy benchmarking and requires the following:

  • Collecting pertinent energy consumption data from vendors(IE Con Edision, National Grid, fuel
  • oil providers)
  • Setting up an account on EPA’s Portfolio Manager website
  • Entering the building’s space use characteristics into the website
  • Extrapolate missing energy data
  • Entering the consumption data into the website
  • Generating an energy usage report
  • Submitting the report electronically to the City of New York.

It is a time consuming and involved process which buildings have the option of outsourcing to a consultant.