Will NYSERDA Pay for Local Law 87?


First, it’s important to understand that NYSERDA doesn’t pay you to comply with Local Law 87.  NYSERDA wants you to submit a plan showing how you intend to reduce energy by 15% and then they want you to execute on that plan.  In other words they want you to actually do the work and improvements you said you would do.   Only then will they give you money towards the overall project, and since energy efficiency projects often include an energy audit, this money may cover some of the costs of Local Law 87.

It’s also important to understand that simply dealing with NYSERDA creates an additional cost.  They require a level of detail, documentation, and time which is far beyond what Local Law 87 requires.   Obviously, whichever energy company you choose to do the work has to account for this extra work and time in their total cost to you.  Yes you get incentive money, but how much of that is offset by the extra costs charged to you by your consultant simply for dealing with NYSERDA in the first place?

Finally, when you work with NYSERDA, you’re subjecting yourself to NYSERDA’s terms and conditions. These can be quite onerous.   You now have a partner looking over your shoulder on everything you do.  They will come to the building to inspect your work several times during and even after the project.  They reserve the right to audit your energy usage for years after the project is over, and they can claw back any money they may have given to you under certain circumstances.

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