Early Compliance with Local Law 87

Is there any reason to comply early with Local Law 87? Yes and no.

The enforcement of GGBP local laws often becomes more stringent over time. Local Law 87 is no exception. The City has hinted as much, and there are plenty of examples of this with other Local Laws. For example, the Local Law 11 facade inspection requirements are far more difficult than they were when the law was first instituted. As requirements are made more difficult, the costs and headaches of compliance increase. Thus, it makes sense for some owners to consider early compliance.

If you may no longer own a building by the time it is up for compliance, there is certainly an argument to be made to hold off.

If the building is a co-op or condo, or if you are relatively certain that you will own the building when it comes up for compliance, there is definitely a benefit to complying early. The law is in its “easiest” form right now, and complying now will most likely be less onerous and less expensive.

Potential energy savings are another reason to consider complying early. The energy audit and retro-commissioning will help clients achieve significant energy savings. By complying early, those savings can be realized now as opposed to later.

*Complying early means that you do not have to do anything again for a long time. If for example, your compliance date is 2016, and you choose to comply now, you will not have to do anything else again until 2026.