Problems With Section 8

NYCHA Section 8 Disaster.  The Letter “S” is Becoming All too Common on Section 8 Payment Stubs.

NYCHA Section 8 is an abysmal organization.  Calling them means sitting on hold for an hour, and trying to follow their rules means navigating a bureaucratic maze of faxes, phone calls, and heartache.  Yet somehow, someway, they have managed to hit a new low.

Landlords with Section 8 voucher tenants may have noticed over the last six months that it is now impossible to do business with NYCHA.  The rules of the game have completely changed, or more accurately, deteriorated.

Problems which you may be encountering:

  •     Failure to notify landlords of upcoming inspections and/or results of inspections
  •     Frequent suspension of subsidies and major delays in restoring subsidies
  •     Significant delays in processing Landlord certifications of repair following failed  inspection
  •     Failure to send to landlords the required lease renewal paper work
  •     Significant delays in processing lease renewals and rent increases
  •     Failure to send and process tenant recertification packages
  •     Lost/disappearing paperwork

What is Going On?

Many have blamed this situation on what the Daily News has called a “Cyber Monster” named NICE(NYCHA Improving the Customer Experience).  NICE is a 36 million dollar computer system which has destroyed what little organization there was previously.   We’ll spare you the snarky puns, but needless to say, this system is doing the opposite of improving the customer experience.

There are others who believe that NYCHA, facing budget shortfalls, is using inspection failures and lost paperwork as an excuse for suspending payments and keeping them suspended.   In other words, they’re looking for any way possible to cut you off.

It’s time to fight back.  If you find that you’re dealing with Section 8 related issues on a daily basis, having trouble collecting your rent from Section 8, or confused as to how the system even works anymore, you can take comfort in knowing that you’re not alone and that Redocs is just a phone call away(212)-650-1591 x 112

What to do about it?

We’re happy to speak with you about NYCHA Section 8, even if you just want to ask questions. The following is just a small sample of what we do as part of our Section 8 expediting service:

  •     We obtain NYCHA’s internal inspection schedule on a weekly basis in an effort to pre-empt apartment and building inspections.
  •     We appear regularly at Section 8’s administrative offices to escalate cases
  •     We manage all Section 8 related repairs, re-inspections, and certifications
  •     We manage the tenant yearly recertification process
  •     We manage the lease renewal process
  •     We routinely call Section 8 to follow up on outstanding items
  •     We time stamp and archive every correspondence, form, and phone call

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