Energy Financing

Thanks to recent innovations in energy financing, building owners, co-ops, and condos can now reduce their building’s oil, gas, electric, and water expenses with no out of pocket costs.

Lenders are aggressively financing energy upgrades large and small in the following way:

  • No money down, 100% financing
  • Loan is paid for by the cost savings resulting from the energy upgrades
  • Loan will not violate terms of building’s existing mortgage
  • Minimal underwriting

Redocs has extensive relationships with banks, financing companies, and funds that are active in the energy space. We have the ability to present your energy upgrades to these lenders in the most favorable light such that we can secure the maximum proceeds at the best possible terms and rates.

Additionally, as a NYSERDA Multifamily Performance Program (MPP) Partner we can obtain extremely low rate financing for energy upgrades through NYSERDA’s Green Jobs-Green NY Program. You can learn more about this as well as the various incentives for energy upgrades here.

For more information, call Mark Balsam at 212.650.1591 x 112